About Us!

Perfect Pack manufactures a wide variety of quality Self-adhesive (BOPP) Tapes to provide world class Packaging Solutions to the customers. These have been designed to provide complete protection to packages during transit and handling. 

PERFECT BOPP Tapes are available in variety of colours (Transparent, Brown, Red, Yellow or any other colour as desired by clients), thicknesses (38 microns to 60 microns), lengths (50 meters, 65 meter, 130 meter or any length size desired by customers) and with or without customer’s brand name (logo printing on tapes).

Our Product Range includes

  • Transparent Packaging Tapes
  • Custom Printed Packaging Tapes
  • Colored Self Adhesive Tapes
  • Stationary Tapes

BOPP tapes may have variety of applications such as Carton Sealing, Gift Wrapping, Decoration and even for common stationary use.

Advantages of using “Perfect” Tapes

  • Superb adhesion to all kind of surfaces (viz. Paper, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Fiber, etc.)
  • Consistently quality due to uniform heating in Coating Machine through GSPC Gas of high calorific value.
  • Assured tape length, width and thickness
  • Longer life (of more than 3 years)
  • Reliable performance even in adverse pressure and temperature conditions